Videography at W Farms

David Wilson founded W Videography, the largest West Coast dressage video company, in 1989. Originally created as a tool to help his clients improve their riding, W Videography offered its services at dressage competitions and soon became a valuable tool for all competitors. W Videography is contracted for events such as Olympic Trials, Pan-American Trials, USET Championship Trials, Del Mar National, CDS Championships, and Cornerstone LTD. W Videography also offers its services for sales and stallion promotions, clinics, and seminars.

December 2-3Dressage Holiday SpecialLAEC-Burbank
Jan.3-6Adequan West Coast Dressage FestivalGalaway Downs
January 17-20Adequan West Coast Dressage FestivalDel Mar Fairgrounds
January 27-28LA Winter PreviewLAEC-Burbank
January 31- February 3Adequan West Coast Dressage FestivalDel Mar Fairgrounds
February 14-17Adequan West Coast Dressage FestivalDel Mar Fairgrounds
March 3-4Festival of the HorseLAEC-Burbank
March 22-25Dressage Affair CDI 1*LAEC-Burbank
May 24-27Flintridge Dressage CDI 1*LAEC-Burbank
June 30-July 1Star Spangled DressagePaddock Riding Club
July 7-8 LA Star Chapter Summer ShowLAEC-Burbank
August 23-26Cool August NightsLAEC-Burbank
September 22-25USDF Region 7/CDS Championships LAEC -Burbank

For further enquiries please contact:
David Wilson at 909-973-2329